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TaxFreeCorp has been operating in the US for over 13 years and has a reputation as a trusted business partner. We specialize in opening, incorporation, buying and selling companies, online registration of Amazon, Wallmart and eBay accounts, as well as full Amazon account support and management. We have a detailed understanding of how the bureaucratic formalization of companies takes place, as well as the nuances and specifics of US taxation.

Legal and bureaucratic practice in the USA differs from such practice in Europe, and even more so from the practice existing in the post-Soviet territory. This also applies to the banking services. The right solution is to entrust this process to the professionals so that no losses resulting from incorrect registration and bookkeeping will be incurred at a later date. We cooperate only with the most experienced and the best specialists: lawyers and accountants (CPA).

What are Shelf Companies?

Buying a ready-made company is an excellent solution for those who do not want to go through the process of registering a business from scratch. After creation, such companies are not used, but are placed on a shelf (metaphorically-speaking), and hence “Shelf Companies”).

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All information transferred to our company always remains confidential. Our reputation depends on safeguarding such information, and we are legally responsible for doing so.

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You will receive the support of recognized experts who are capable not only of cultivating corporate values in your company, but also of making them work for the financial growth of the enterprise.


We are always available to thoroughly discuss any possible problems in an understandable, non-bureaucratic language. Our goal is to find a solution, not an excuse.

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What is BOI FinCEN: New Federal Reporting Requirements for U.S. Companies

In a major change for businesses in all U.S. states, companies are now required to provide Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), a division of the U.S. Treasury Department. This measure was introduced to increase transparency in financial transactions and to combat money laundering. Which Companies Are Subject to the New Filing Requirements?

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Why you need a unique address in your Amazon seller account

A unique address (for the Amazon) is an address that has not yet been used for other accounts on Amazon. A unique address is required to create a new seller account on the platform. Amazon takes address verification seriously. If you provide Registered agent's address that is listed in your company documents, Amazon will immediately link your account to other accounts using the same address, since this address is public. In this case, your account is very likely to be banned (Related Account Ban) if there is a block of one of the accounts that your account will be linked to, which is one of the difficult problems to solve.

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